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    HPBC Pastoral Statement on Deacons

    01.20.21 | Pastoral Statement

    The New Testament often uses the word “deacon” (or servant) to refer to anyone in the capacity of serving, including Jesus (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45), the apostles (Acts 6:4), individual Christians (1 Timothy 4:6), church members...

      HPBC Pastoral Statement on Alcohol

      11.08.16 | Pastoral Statement

      1. Scripture clearly condemns drunkenness (Eph. 5:17-19; Gal. 5:21; I Cor. 6:10; Isa. 5:11; Pro. 23:20-21; Tit. 2:3; Rom. 13:13; Isa. 5:22). 2. Scripture speaks specifically to pastors and deacons that they not be given to wine, which...

        HPBC Pastoral Statement on Christian Liberty

        09.01.16 | Pastoral Statement

        In the last hours before His crucifixion, our Lord prayed that His followers, “may be one even as we are one . . . so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me” (Jn. 17:22b-23). Years later, Paul...