Core Sunday School Classes


Spring 2019 Core Sunday School classes begin Sunday, March 3. Registration is only required for Membership Matters this quarter (other core classes may register in class). 

A special weekend block class will be offered as an alternate option for the Membership Matters Sunday School class. The weekend block class will offer 3 sessions beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, March 29, and 3 sessions beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 30. Register for the block class below. 

Spring Core Class Descriptions (see table below for schedule):

Membership Matters: This 6-week class overviews the core beliefs and commitments of Hampton Park Baptist Church. It will help you get to know us more and give you opportunity to interact and ask questions along the way. If you are interested in joining Hampton Park, this class is the first step; though, you are welcome to attend even if you do not plan to join.

Healthy Church Life: This 5-week class will overview the biblical vision of healthy church life by studying Romans 12 and Ephesians 2 and 4. This class will help you better understand what it looks like to be a healthy member of a local church and how to specifically pursue that here at Hampton Park.

Discipling: The last command that Jesus gave to his followers was to make disciples. So, what is a disciple? And how do we make more? This 11-week class overviews this important calling on all followers of Jesus and will help you to see how you can be involved in this process within the context of our local church. 

Neighboring: Jesus calls us to "love our neighbor". But what does it look like to be a faithful and intentional neighbor to those whom God has placed near us? This 6-week class will help you think through how to take advantage of opportunities to love your neighbors better, creating inroads for gospel relationships.

Explaining Christianity: This 5-week class will overview the good news of Jesus by looking specifically at Mark's gospel account. This would be a great class to take if you want to understand better how to share the gospel, or to bring a friend to, especially someone who is not yet following Jesus. 

Spring 2019 Core Classes Schedule
March 3-April 7 April 14-May 19

March 29 (FRI) -

March 30 (SAT)

Membership Matters (M-118)

Core Sunday School Class

Ben Fetterolf, Drew Conley, James Gass


Healthy Church Life (M-118)

Core Sunday School Class

Ben Fetterolf, Drew Conley

Membership Matters 

Weekend Block Class

(Yearick Center Blue Room)


Neighboring (M-116 Library)

Core Sunday School Class

Matthew Weathers, Drew Gosnell


Explaining Christianity

(M-116 Library)

Core Sunday School Class

Mike Cruice, James Gass



Discipleship (M-110)

Core Sunday School Class

Tim Chevalier, Paul Hornor