Core Sunday School Classes

Fall 2019 Core Sunday School classes begin Sunday, September 1.

Fall Core Class Descriptions (see table below for schedule):

Membership Matters: This class overviews the core beliefs and commitments of Hampton Park Baptist Church. It will help you get to know us more and give you opportunity to interact and ask questions along the way. If you are interested in joining Hampton Park as a member, this class is the first step; though, you are welcome to attend even if you do not plan to join. We ask that you register for this class below. 

Suffering: Why does suffering exist? How do we fight for faith in the midst of trials? This class overviews God's sovereign hand that is at work even in the midst of our suffering. This class is designed both to help you persevere in the midst of suffering in your own life and to help you rightly encourage those around you who are suffering.

Christians in the Workplace: Why do you work? Is there any point to what you are doing? God's answer is an emphatic, "Yes!" This class will help you understand why it is a lie to say that the only significant work is "vocational Christian work." In Christ, the work of every believer, whatever your job, can and should be significant. Come and find out why!

Fall Core Class Schedule

Sept. 1 - Nov. 24 Sept. 1 - Oct. 13

Oct. 11 - 12
(Friday and Saturday)

Suffering (M-110)
Core Sunday
School Class
Tim Chevalier and
Rob Loach

Christians in the Workplace (M-112)
Core Sunday
School Class
James Gass and
Peter Keew

Membership Matters
Core Sunday School Class
Drew Conley, Ben Fetterolf, and other pastors

Membership Matters (Blue Room)
Weekend Block Class