Core Sunday School Classes

Sept. 13-Feb. 28

Old Testament Survey (M-112)
Core Sunday School Class
Sam Saldivar

Dec. 6-Feb. 28

Living as a Church (M-118)
Core Sunday School Class
Ben Fetterolf and HPBC Interns

Old Testament Survey:

What does the Old Testament teach us about God and his character? And, how do the books of the Old Testament fit into God’s redemptive plan? This core class will answer these questions and more. No registration is necessary for this class.

Living as a Church:

Being a part of a local church can be wonderfully encouraging experience and a frustratingly messy experience. What does it mean to be a part of a local church? How does God want us to live and interact with one another? And how can we better work towards unity with one another and effectiveness in the mission God has given us? This and more is what this core class seeks to address. No registration is necessary for this class.