Child Safety Training

We would like to think that our world is a safe place for children and adults that work with them. Sadly, it is not. Because of this, before any member works with children they must fill out paperwork (background check, recommendation forms, volunteer application) and participate in training to further their knowledge in the area of child safety. The training we provide is meant to educate and to protect all who serve our children. All paperwork that you submit is kept by our office staff in a confidential place. To begin the process of becoming an approved children’s ministry worker, please email Emily Warner.

1.  All staff members, church leaders (pastors, deacons, ministry directors), and volunteers working with minors must complete the initial Basic Child Safety Training.

 Basic Child Safety Training

2.  All staff members, church leaders, and volunteers working with children must remain current in their training by completing the Annual Child Safety Training. 

Annual Child Safety Training