Safe Families for Children

Ministry Partner:  Safe Families for Children

Who are they? 

Safe Families is a ministry of volunteer Christian families who open their homes “to care for children whose parents are struggling. Designed to extend and strengthen the community safety net for at-risk families, Safe Families for Children is a voluntary, non-coercive alternative to the state child welfare system. Without Safe Families, many of these children would succumb to abuse or neglect and end up in the state’s child welfare system.” The average hosting of a child lasts between 30-40 days and in Greenville the greatest issue causing a need for Safe Families is homelessness.

How does this partnership advance the mission of HPBC?

Such a partnership will provide individuals in our body opportunities to demonstrate Christian care to individuals in our community who are facing immediate needs while also giving them a platform to speak the truth of the gospel to those whose needs they are helping meet. “The watching world is looking for a credible witness. Safe Families is an amazing way to open the door to opportunities to share about one’s faith in Jesus Christ as the motivator of serving the children and their families.”

How can I be involved?

There are a variety of levels of volunteer involvement needed for Safe Families to function well, from providing diapers or baby food to hosting a child in your home.

  • Prayer Partners regularly pray for the family in crisis and those closely involved in serving the family
  • Donors provide items so that a resource closet can be stocked with diapers, formula, clothing, etc.
  • Resource Friends– people who might provide a meal, clothes, or other practical things to help the hosts or the parent
  • Family Friends get together with the parent in need to talk over coffee, encourage them, pray with and for them, invite them to church, etc.
  • Secondary Host Families help the host families by babysitting, providing transportation, or hosting children overnight to provide a break for the host family
  • Host Families open their homes for a short time (the average is around 30 days; while some may be for only a day or a weekend) while the parents get back on their feet; hosting arrangements are agreed on by both parties (host and parent) at the start of a hosting and can be changed only with both sides agreeing
  • Family Coaches visit the parent in need and help them get connected to resources so they can reach their goals
  • Ministry Lead is the main point person for Safe Families at Hampton Park and acts as the liaison between our volunteers and the staff at Bethany Safe Families for Children.

Where do I start?

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