Proclamation Project

We were blessed to see the first phase of our current Proclamation Project finished this past year.  We have enjoyed the benefits of new seating, expanded lobby space, better sight lines, better audio and visual, and an updated decor.  It has been our prayer that these needed upgrades would facilitate the public preaching of God's Word free from unnecessary distractions.  We are glad that so many of our members invested in this current need that will affect the next generation.  Psalm 22 states, "It shall be told of the Lord to the coming generation; they shall come and proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn, that he has done it."  

We are now ready to begin gathering funds toward the second phase of the Proclamation Project which is to convert some of our current building space just off the auditorium into a large fellowship area.  There are three reasons why we as a church body voted to create this fellowship space.

Philosophical Reason

The fellowship area would be an architectural change that communicates our commitment to loving and caring fellowship toward one another in addition to our commitment to learning and worshiping with one another.  Currently, our building is full of classroom spaces, but we lack space that is appropriate for informal gatherings and conversations.  Facilities reveal our priorities, and this project is a way to communicate our core values more comprehensively in our architecture. 

Strategic Reason

The space that we have set aside for this project is one of our highest trafficked areas as people move between the auditorium and our main building.  This “thoroughfare” may not be a place to stop for a long period of time, but it does create a setting that allows us to walk more slowly among our brothers and sisters so that we can talk and interact rather than rushing through a crowded hallway to our destination.  Additionally, this fellowship space would serve as our “second lobby” by which to greet people.  Members and guests who attend Sunday school or have children to drop off in our children’s ministry or nursery never pass through our current lobby, but they do pass through this proposed space.  This “second lobby” would serve as a helpful transition before walking through a door that enters the front of the auditorium.

Functional Reason

The most obvious use of this area is for fellowship before, between, and after the church gathers, but there are other uses we envision.

  • This area would be open on Sunday as a meeting area for small groups or just a comfortable place to wait if other family members are involved in other areas of ministry (choir, early meetings, late meetings, set-up, etc).
  • This area could serve as an overflow area for those who may not be able to sit in the auditorium for a variety of reasons.
  • During the week, this area could serve as a meeting place for small groups and Bible studies especially during the early morning or evening.
  • This would be a great space for a casual meeting or appointment.
  • The school would have access to this space for a variety of activities.
  • This space would also be ideal for conferences or seasonal concerts held in the main auditorium. 

Please consider how you might be able to give toward the completion of this important project for our church.  You can give toward the Proclamation Project now by filling out the form below.