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Mexico Update - Abbey C

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This has been a fantastic trip! The sweet fellowship with brothers and sisters in Mexico has been hugely impactful. The children have been eager to listen and learn, and they have enjoyed the games with the teens. The ladies in the church have been fantastic hosts. Their warm hugs and eagerness to share has been sweet. I especially enjoyed the fellowship with just the ladies on Friday evening. We rejoiced together and even cried together over the burdens on their hearts.

The thought I keep returning to, on this trip, is what a wonderful day it will be when we are all in Glory and are able to communicate freely. The language barrier has been difficult, but one day we will be free if this impediment. I find myself greatly looking forward to that day.

I surely don’t want to forget to mention our teens! I consider myself blessed to be with them on this trip. I love watching them take an uncomfortable situation and jump in feet first. Their zeal for learning, serving, and showing love has been palpable. There is never a shortage for volunteers - whether it be for teaching kids or cleaning floors - they have lept at the opportunity to serve others on this trip. I echo Dawn’s thoughts; if you don’t know a teen, get to know one. They are the best!

Lastly, I thank God for Marco and Gwendolyn. God has blessed their effort for the gospel here in Cancun, and it has been a pleasure to see all the lives impacted by their faithful service. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know them. We are a very lucky church to have such fervent parters in the faith. Please remember them in your prayers!

I can’t wait to come home and share all about this trip! Hasta pronto! (See you soon!)


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