Counseling FAQ

What counseling approach do you use?

At HPBC we are committed to a biblical approach when counseling. Biblical Counseling is the process where the truth of scripture is related individually and practically to a person’s life circumstances. Three important distinctions help drive our commitment to this process:

  • First, we believe that when the Bible is properly interpreted it becomes sufficient for life as it reveals to the believer all the help necessary for one to understand his or her need for Christ, how he or she can please Christ, and how to live in a God-honoring way regardless of life’s circumstances.
  •  Second, the Bible is also the authoritative source with which all truth claims must be evaluated. We recognize and respect that there are many theories that use presuppositions, principles, and methodologies that are not in line with our interpretation of the biblical text, but we hold firmly to the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only chance for true change. 
  •  Third, we believe that genuine heart change is totally dependent on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

For these reasons our view of counseling practice includes the importance of prayer, dependence on God, a growing knowledge of the Word of God, and the support of true community.

For a more detailed explanation of biblical counseling, please see the Standard of Doctrine and Standard of Conduct as prepared by ACBC, the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. HPBC counselors work in partnership with ACBC, and in agreement with these documents. 

How much do you charge for counseling services?

Our counseling ministry is a free service we offer to our church members and regular attenders. The cost of operating this service is generously supplied by the faithful contribution of the membership of Hampton Park Baptist Church.

What if I need immediate help and the counseling schedule is full?

We make every effort to fulfill each counseling request in a timely manner.  Should we not be in a position to do so at the time of your request we can refer you to another counselor in our community.

In addition to immediate help from 911 here are some important numbers in case of an emergency:

Suicidal Thoughts:

United Way
Phone: 211

Crisis Line
Mental Health Association

(864 467-8336

Domestic Violence Issues

Safe Harbor
24-hour Crisis Line:


Greenville Rape Crisis and Child Abuse Center
(864) 331-0560

How do I make an appointment?

Requesting an appointment is simple. Please fill out the online Intake and Informed Consent forms on the counseling page of our website. They can be found under the resource tab. Once submitted and received someone from our office will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment. If you have any other questions or need some help with the forms, simply call our office at 864-370-3100.