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    God's Heart for Missions

    03.10.23 | Pastor Article | by Joel Gearhart

    Have you ever thought of missions as primarily a New Testament concept? I know I have. After all, the Great Commission is found in the Gospels and Acts. Also, much of the book of Acts and the following Epistles highlight and are connected to the...

      Biblical Manhood & Womanhood Core Class Recordings

      03.03.23 | Resources

      This past October, Pastor Conley preached a series of four sermons on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Those four sermons are available here. But we wanted to follow up that series with specific teaching to men on manhood and specific...

        This Article is Not Just for Kids

        02.24.23 | Pastor Article | by Ben Fetterolf

        On January 8, 2023, as lots of children were making their way to the front of the auditorium during the Evening Gathering, Pastor Conley said this: “You know, it does my heart (and actually it does the heart of the other people here) a lot...

          Music By the Book

          02.17.23 | Pastor Article | by Ben Fetterolf

          Why do we sing what we sing? Why do our corporate worship services look the way that they do? Does the Bible say anything about this? What does the Bible say about music, and what does it not say? These are important questions. And we are blessed...