The mission of LifeGroups at Hampton Park is to grow together to become more faithful disciples of Jesus through intentional, caring relationships centered on God’s Word.

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Why LifeGroups?

We call them LifeGroups because the goal is to develop friendships with other people in our local church in order to live life together with them and provide spiritual encouragement to them as they follow Jesus. If you are new here, LifeGroups are a great way to get connected. If you have been here a long time, LifeGroups are a great way to stay connected and involved in the lives of other members at Hampton Park.

What do LifeGroups do?

LifeGroups have four main goals. The things that happen at LifeGroup gatherings work towards these goals.



In a large church, it is difficult to get to know everyone. A LifeGroup gives you somewhere to start, and it makes a large church feel small. Since LifeGroups are a place for you to connect with other members of Hampton Park, our goal is that the members of each LifeGroup be members of Hampton Park.



We all go through difficult times. We all have times when we need others to help us. One thing we encourage from members of LifeGroups is openness and transparency with each other. In this way, we learn the spiritual and physical needs of each other, and we can work to meet those needs for each other. We also care for each other by spending concentrated time in prayer for each other.



Our LifeGroups are unashamedly centered on God’s Word. We believe that God’s Word is powerful and that it applies to everyone at every stage of life. So, most often we take time to discuss a sermon from the previous Sunday, particularly focusing on how it applies directly to our everyday lives. Our discussions are practical and aimed at life change. 



Some people like to attend church services without ever getting involved. The members of our LifeGroups regularly reach out to others in our church to help them become more involved in the life of the church. In addition, our LifeGroups form a base of accountability and encouragement as we individually and together work towards our God-given mission: to make disciples of all nations, starting with our neighbors and co-workers.