Our weekly schedule involves hundreds of volunteers serving in all kinds of different areas. From music to nursery, safety team to hosting, our church is filled with faithful members who volunteer to serve in various areas of church life. Those volunteers are all a part of the church family. If you are interested in becoming a part of the HPBC church family, go here to find out when the next membership class meets. If you are already a part of the church family, use this page to see where we currently need volunteers and to let us know where you would like to jump in to help. Our desire is to have a church filled with those who think of their church as a place to give and serve rather than merely sit and receive.

Find Out About Volunteer Opportunities

An important part of caring for our members is providing meals to families during difficult circumstances. In order to coordinate these efforts, we use an online meal scheduler called "Take Them a Meal."

Provide a Meal