Core Sunday School Classes


Parenthood is an amazing calling. It is no small task, yet it comes with incredible blessings. This class is designed to touch on a range of practical topics related to parenthood, such as discipline, children and technology, family worship, parenting different ages and genders, and more. Whether you are knee-deep in parenthood, a grandparent, or single, this class will give you a biblical vision for God’s design and desires for the family.


God calls every Christian to faithfully share the gospel. But he calls some Christians to cross cultural, social, and geographical borders as they share the gospel. This is what we call missions. What is the church’s role in missions? What is our church’s vision for missions? What are the next steps if you are interested in missions? This class seeks to answer these questions and more.

Membership Matters:

Learn more about our church family to help you decide whether Hampton Park is the place for you, or, be reminded of the values and commitments of our church family. You’ll learn the importance of the gospel in the life of Hampton Park, our history, vision, and mission, and practical ways to connect with and serve other members. If you are interested in joining Hampton Park as a member, this class is the first step; though, you are welcome to attend even if you do not plan to join. Please register for this class below.