Who are they?

iFace networks international students and scholars with culturally sensitive American Christians who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas. They exist to be an interface between God and the people of the world he loves. They strive to be a trusted source of friendship and help on international students. They pursue such relationships  with the goal of proclaiming and displaying the love of Christ to international students and scholars.

How does this partnership advance the mission of HPBC?

This partnership will help us as a church to foster connections with internationals who are facing the challenges of living cross-culturally.  Through friendships with international students and scholars, we will have opportunities to point them to Christ as we pursue genuine relationships with them.

How can I be involved?

  • Friendship Partners come along a university level international student studying here in Greenville. They welcome a student to the area and into their lives, helping that student with basic needs like transportation, extending genuine friendship, and learning about the student's home culture, while also teaching them about American culture. 
  • Conversation Partners help English language learners practice their English in a casual setting outside of the classroom, offering a chance to practice with a native speaker and extending friendship. 
  • Prayer Team members pray over ministry requests that are sent in a prayer newsletter. They meet once per month to pray together. We also have “Prayer Circles” that meet on various schedules. You can either join an existing “Prayer Circle” or start your own with your friends and fellow-church members. 
  • Occasional Need volunteers can’t serve on a specific schedule, but want to be aware when we have odds-and-ends type needs that arise, like helping to provide or serve food at an event, writing birthday cards for students, or assembling “Welcome Bags.”
  • All volunteers must go through our general training session. 

More questions?

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