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Starting Strong: Saying "Welcome" to Jennifer Martin

07.02.21 | Pastor Article | by Ben Fetterolf

    This is the second of two articles on the Women’s Ministry Director transition at HPBC. You can read the first, where we say “thank you” to Theresa Bixby, here.

    Women have always been an integral part of the ministry of Hampton Park Baptist Church. They are an indispensable part of the church family, uniquely gifted by God in particular ways to serve others. As of  July 1,  Jennifer Martin, an HPBC “lifer,” has stepped into the role of Director of Women’s Ministry. Jennifer is passionate about seeing women connect with other women for mutual support, encouragement, and care, and she has been exemplary in her involvement at HPBC over the years.

    As we say “welcome” to Jennifer as she enters into this role, we thought it would be fun to ask her a few questions that would give us additional insight into the Women’s Ministry Director role and her heart as she steps into it.

    When did you first start attending HPBC?

    I’ve been attending HPBC since 1982 when I began as a faithful member of the nursery. :-)

    What are one or two ways that the ministry of women at HPBC has shaped you?

    When I think about the women that have had the most impact on my life spiritually, they have all been a part of Hampton Park at some point. Just the genuine care and concern for me through prayers or showing love by meeting tangible needs has been such a blessing.

    What most excites you about being in this role? 

    I think being even more involved with the women at HP is what excites me the most about this role. I love getting to know people, so I’m looking forward to getting to know some ladies better than I already do and can’t wait to meet and get to know others for the first time. 

    What is a goal that you have for this first year or even beyond the first year?

    One goal of mine is to be able to put a name with every woman’s face that is a member at Hampton Park.  While that seems like an easy task for someone who has been in the church “forever,” I’m amazed at how many ladies I don’t know at all because of how many people that have joined over the recent years. 

    Is there anything that makes you nervous about this role?

    I’m not sure if “nervous” is the word I would use, but I’m definitely requesting prayer as I learn to navigate and balance life as a wife, a mom, and ministry director. 

    If someone were to ask you, “What’s the best thing about women’s ministry at HPBC,” how would you respond? 

    There are so many women who truly want to love others and are eager to help in any way they can.

    What would be a 2-3 sentence encouragement you would give to all of our HPBC member ladies?

    Get involved in as many ways as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You won’t regret getting to know ladies with all kinds of different backgrounds in various stages of life. Find opportunities to be a blessing and let others be a blessing to you!

    Welcome, Jennifer! We are grateful to God in leading you to serve the women of HPBC in this way, and we look forward to serving alongside you for the glory of God in our church and community.