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Mexico Update - Claire M

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A couple things have stood out to me as our hampton park team has attempted to serve our Christian family in Mexico (although I think we were served even more by our brothers and sisters).

First of all, God has been just as sovereign on this trip as He was on our previous mission trip.  Lost wallets have been found, our busses did not break down in the Yucatan despite the difficulty we were having, and multiple people did not get seriously injured despite very close calls. God has protected and provided for us through it all. So thank you to everyone who has been praying for our safety and health during this trip. God has not only been sovereign in these things, but He has sovereignly orchestrated our interactions with our Spanish speaking sisters and brothers. On the first Sunday in Playa del Carmen, I sat next to a man who asked me this in English: “how long have you been searching for God?” The question caught me a little off guard, but conversations with people who do not speak your first language tend to be that way anyway. I figured he meant to ask how long I have known God so I answered accordingly. Then he added “I think the most intelligent people search for God.” I realized that he meant what he said. “How long have you been searching for God?” Everyone searches for God. I mean, we were made for Him. We need Him. We cannot live without Him. Naturally we all look for that satisfaction in things or feelings or whatever we think will fulfill the hole in our soul, which leads me to a song we have sung multiple times throughout the past week: All I Have Is Christ. Looking on the outside, these american teens and Mexican people could not be more different. We are so blessed and selfish and spoiled. They are so happy with the little they have. But whether we have purified water or unclean water, whether we live in a shack or a castle, whether we grew up as a Christian or converted from drunkardness, we all share this One Thing. Hallelujah! All I have is Christ. Hallelujah! Jesus is my life. Where we live on this earth and what country we call home, does not matter because God is leading sinners from each tribe and tongue and nation to our Heavenly Home. -CM


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