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Mexico Update - Ethan P

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Mexico has been great! Thankfully we got here safe with all our luggage. I've experienced so many new things. Some I've always wanted to do. I have loved playing soccer and volleyball with the people here. The food is so different but it's fantastic and it's mostly homegrown. 

I have experienced so many different feelings. Being here has humbled me very much. The people invite us to their house and feed us many meals. We always ask if there needs to be help and most of the time they say they got it all. It's really humbling knowing that we're here to serve but the customs of the people is to serve us. 

The Christians in the church are so nice and love to talk with us. Some of them are not Christians and I hope our testimony has planted a seed in their lives showing that there is a God who loves them. 

I have really loved being here and would totally come a second time. -EP


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