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Mexico Update - Trevor S

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The Third day of our missions trip started with a shower scare at the hotel. Some of us had cold water and some of us had none. Nevertheless we all were off to breakfast at Pastor Luiz's house to kick off the day. After we ate breakfast we went outside and played around with the socce- the futbol, talked about all sorts of things, and had a great time. Soon after we all went across the street to a hat maker and looked around his shop and cave. The caves are favored by hat makers because it's more humid in them which makes the material more flexible. After we visited his shop we went to another that Pastor Luiz said was better, but this time we got to take little motorcycle taxis for only 6 pesos! This shop owner, a relative of the other owner, walked us through the process demonstrating how they harvest the material, then make it in their cave, then mold it in the press. Some of us bought hats, purses, earrings, and other trinkets. Then we walked back to the church and ate lunch. Lunch was amazing. The Chicken basically fell off the bone and was so good and the soup was very tasty. Martha, pastor Luiz's wife, is a very good cook and host. Then we went home and changed for the service and a few of us gathered some flowers from some trees down the street to make bouquets for Martha and her two granddaughters. Then we played werewolf and left for the service. The service went well, and we all went outside where it was cooler to talk and eat afterwards. Some of us were outside with adults fellowshipping and some of us went inside to play memory with the some of the kids from church. We sadly had to say goodbye, so we took some pictures with new friends, who now felt like family, and said goodbye. Today was awesome filled with lots of new experiences that none of us will forget. The people made Bécal so special. We are thankful for your prayers, and would ask thaf you pray for Pastor Luiz and his family as they grow their church body, reach out to others, and the difficulties that those entail. This experience has been incredible. -TS


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